Beyond Earth

A non-profit space education program aimed to spark interest in young minds

Design spec

Circular, Operator Mono

Influences were drawn from the atomic era of space exploration; which influenced the aesthetic and identity of the program design.

To re-invigorate the excitement of space programs – a modern approach to the atomic identity was developed to reflect the past while also celebrating the new. The clean graphics reduce the association with government space program branding.

Beyond Earth Icon set
Circular font specimen

Circular by Lineto, used as the primary display typeface


The playful characteristics of Circular was an obvious choice to convey energy and attention for a complicated scientific field. Circular’s alternate glyphs provide extra flexibility when working with display and body text.

Operator Font specimen

Operator Mono by Hoefler & Co

Operator Mono

Operator is primarily used as a subheading and body font, attempting to imitate an ‘operator’ personality behind the machine communicating notes and instructions. The typewriter and monospaced aesthetic has become synonymous with authenticity in old computers, journalism and academia – the tone I hope to inherit.

Beyond Earth Poster set
Beyond Earth publication spread with Neil degrasse tyson