Global Construction 2030

A series of major global studies of construction and engineering data

Tech Spec

Jekyll, Magento

Print Spec

450pp, 1/2 gate fold cover


Global Construction 2030

Global Construction Perspectives (GCP) are a leading expert and consultancy firm who provide research data to some of the world’s largest organisations such as Cemex, Autodesk, LafargeHolcim, Oracle, Pinsent Masons and PwC.


In August 2015, GCP contacted Un.titled to modernise their brand whilst maintaining a bold authoritative identity across their publications, website and sub-brand affiliates. Un.titled were also contracted to design the bi-annual publication, Global Construction 2030, which would be the flagship product to introduce the new brand.

As a part of the production team at Un.titled, my role was leading the design for both print and digital products.

Brand and identity

Our approach to the new logo would have to work in micro sizes while also maintaining the boldness in larger sizes – meaning there would need to be a few variations to suit the application.

Primary inline, primary stacked, secondary single

The design of the polygon patterns focused on providing visual depth using layers, and geometric shapes. Patterns were used on the report cover, and were ‘splattered’ around objects to provide negative space and clarity towards information. The pattern helped provide the tie between the primary GCP brand and their report.


The pattern were meticulously crafted to create low-fi polygon images to continue the branding across their imagery and iconography.

The primary display typeface for GCP was DIN Next by Monotype, and Helvetica Neue for the body. The industrial foundations of families and large x-heights made their combination stronger and provided a balance of authoritative and fairness in the type setting.

Low poly images were created using Triangulation and post-edited in Illustrator.

Printed report

The annual report forecasts data of the global engineering and construction industry. Global Construction 2025 spanned roughly 250 pages, however in Global Construction 2030, the report spanned well over 450 pages due to more content. A new layout structure was also developed specifically for the 2030 report to distribute the content in more absorbable doses.

Global Construction 2030 – Spread

Global Construction 2030 – Spread

The report followed a strict 2 column layout to establish familiarity throughout the report, with the exception of chapter dividers and full-page images. The report consisted of 48 chapters and over 350 tables and charts.

The working InDesign files were segregated into their own chapters using synchronised master templates and paragraph/character styles, which were then compiled into one single document. This methodology enforced consistency, easier asset management and exporting throughout the design process.

Report website

The scope of the overall project included a standalone website for the report. This gave room for scalability and flexibility to accommodate sponsor specific reports in the future and SEO benefits for the single report. My responsibilities for this phase of the project involved liaising closely with the Front-end developer and ensuring the quality of design is consistent with the brand.

The website was designed to steer away page specific designs and focused into building modular systems that could be used in the Magento build.

The typography and grid system was carried through to a Magento website and built from the one central style base. This modular design system made components reusable and allowed the e-commerce build to be delivered in a shorter time frame than most projects.

The purpose of the report website was to advertise and promote the product after the launch event. Potentially streamlining buyers into one website to find all the information they needed – and leaving the Magento website focused on selling the product to end-users.