Arriving in Imam Khomeini Airport and sorting out my entry visa whilst not being able to speak or understand any Farsi at 04:55am was certainly a challenge.

Persian drivers are some of the best in the world. Multi-tasking while driving in some of the most dangerous conditions.

I was finally on my way to my hostel in Iranshahr, See You In Iran Cultural House. The hostel was incredibly difficult to find since it wasn't well known to locals.

My Taxi driver drove around asking other locals if they know of this place, called the placed up and eventually got pointed to the right direction which was down an alley.

Iran 002
The first of many roof tilings that I would never get tired of seeing.
Tehran is filled with many small parks and water fountains. It plays a large importance for the populous city during the long summers.
Iran 004
There's nothing like wandering around in a Bazaar with a DSLR. You feel like Neo in Mouse's simulation - all eyes are on you...
Iran 006
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