14 days in Iran

4th March 2020

Candid photo of two Persian people at a Tehran Bazaar


So 14 days definitely wasn’t enough time to explore this gem. A trip to Iran probably isn’t on your list of destinations of relaxing places to visit but I really hope that mindset changes.

Iran is definitely not a ‘terrorist nation’. The only thing I felt terrorised from was the kindness and hospitality of Iranians throughout my entire trip. It’s really on a different level to any place I’ve been to.

Maybe because I’m a single male foreigner and also a Chinese superstar but I’m definitely not alone in this experience when speaking to other travellers. Not saying that you’re never at risk, but your guard can be lowered compared to other ‘safe tourist’ countries.

If politics, religious curiosity, ancient history, wandering around gardens and having an endless stream of amazing things to see and people to meet - then I highly recommend seeing all this for yourself.